Июль - сентябрь

Porsche Academy opens the "Model Factory" at the Leipzig plant 29/09/2009
Porsche “Moments” for the bookshelf 24/09/2009
Anniversary Products for the 100th Birthday of Ferry Porsche 17/09/2009
Panamera available for Avis Customers 15/09/2009
The Porsche Museum organising a Painting Contest for Children 11/09/2009
Lightweight Components for Individual Retrofitting on the 911 GT3 and GT3 RS 10/09/2009
On September 12, the start flag will signal the launch of Porsche Panamera sales 09/09/2009
Large Special Exhibition at the Porsche Museum 04/09/2009
The 911 Sport Classic – Exclusive for 250 Fans of the 911 02/09/2009
Porsche Cayman Acknowledged as “Best Driver's Car” and “Best Sports Car” 31/08/2009
New Edition of the World´s Most Successful Racing Car 26/08/2009
Twenty-Inch 911 Turbo II Wheels for the Panamera 25/08/2009
The Most Sporting Road-Going 911 19/08/2009
The Porsche Museum extends the range of products in its shop 10/08/2009
Intelligent Power: Consumption Down Significantly, Performance Up Once Again 07/08/2009
Wide Range of Customisation Options for the Porsche Panamera 04/08/2009
Macht appointed Chairman of the Board of Management for Porsche AG, Edig his deputy – both also Members of the Board of Management of Porsche SE 23/07/2009
Porsche is the most attractive and liked brand in the USA 17/07/2009
Nostalgia at Nürburgring 15/07/2009
Porsche Cayenne Diesel voted “Company Car of the Year“ 14/07/2009
Robby Naish rides the Panamera wave 10/07/2009
Panamera launch in the growth markets under new management 02/07/2009