Апрель - июнь

Leipzig plant builds 500,000th vehicle 29/06/2012
More power for the 911 Carrera S and new personalisation products 21/06/2012
New car buyers put the Porsche 911 in first place 20/06/2012
Porsche is main sponsor of the Hesse House in Tübingen 13/06/2012
Porsche inaugurates Autostadt Pavilion in Wolfsburg 12/06/2012
Porsche in overtaking lane on data highway 11/06/2012
Porsche Leipzig - Plant expansion 04/06/2012
Special exhibition pays tribute to Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche 02/06/2012
Porsche showcases new Cayenne GTS at the AMI 01/06/2012
Starting today, the Porsche Museum is presenting “60 years of Porsche Clubs” 25/05/2012
European premiere in Leipzig – the new Cayenne GTS at AMI 2012 24/05/2012
Porsche: every day sporty driving fun 16/05/2012
918 Spyder prototypes commence trials 15/05/2012
Porsche presents University of Applied Sciences of Western Saxony with Panamera S Hybrid 14/05/2012
The Porsche museum is sending its classic cars to the Mille Miglia 10/05/2012
Porsche 911 Carrera wins “red dot award: product design 2012” 04/05/2012
A Saxon success story 03/05/2012
Porsche AG boosts revenue in first quarter of 2012 by 32.4 per cent 03/05/2012
Anatole Lapine is dead 02/05/2012
Efficient drive systems at Porsche 25/04/2012
“60 Years of Porsche Clubs” 26/04/2012
Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra honours Pope Benedict XVI 18/04/2012
Cayenne GTS set to celebrate its world premiere at Auto China in Beijing 17/04/2012
Porsche is the best German car brand for service 16/04/2012
Sitting like in an SUV, driving like in a sports car: the Cayenne GTS 10/04/2012
Ferdinand Alexander Porsche dies 05/04/2012
Porsche 911 declared “2012 World Performance Car” 05/04/2012
Porsche increases customer deliveries in March by 21 per cent 05/04/2012