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Sala de prensa

La sala de prensa de Porsche es un servicio proporcionado por Porsche Communication para periodistas, blogueros y multiplicadores.

Esta sección contiene una lista completa de nuestras notas de prensa.

Current Porsche AG Press releases

Ultra-high-power charging technology for the electric vehicle of the future 12/13/2018
Irene Kung and Anton Corbijn are inspired by the 911 12/12/2018
Porsche Macan S launches with new V6 turbo engine 12/11/2018
Porsche Golf Circle meets the Masters Champion in 2019 12/5/2018
Offsetting carbon emissions with Porsche Impact 12/4/2018
The “Porsche 360+” lifestyle assistant comes onto the market 12/3/2018
“Mister 911” is retiring 11/30/2018
Porsche Road Trip”: a new digital tour guide is launched 11/29/2018
The new Porsche 911 – a design icon and high-tech sports car 11/28/2018
Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport with 700 hp 11/28/2018

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