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Responsibility in the Company

Porsche - Business and customers

Business and customers

Porsche wants to grow sustainably. Satisfied customers, a wide dealer network, and reliable suppliers form the platform for our vision. We believe key enablers are ensuring that the actions of all our employees are in compliance with statutory legislation and corporate values, fostering an open culture of dialog with government and the community, and implementing systematic risk management for assessing and guarding against potential hazards.

Porsche - Product responsibility

Product responsibility

Porsche aspires to meet the challenge of combining outstanding performance with a simultaneous reduction in consumption. The key is increasing efficiency with new technologies. The objectives are to reduce consumption and emissions by 10 to 15 percent with every new model – without impacting negatively on customers’ aspirations.

Porsche - Environment and energy

Environment and energy

A responsible approach to raw materials, energy, and water is a top priority at Porsche. Production procedures that conserve resources and consistent environmental and energy management in operations contribute to continuous improvements at all the sites.

Porsche - Employees


Porsche is a cosmopolitan company, and employees from more than 60 nations work at its sites. Their motivation and commitment are defining factors for success. The platform is provided by a corporate culture inspired by diversity and equal opportunities, basic and career training with appropriate qualifications, fair pay and compensation, and a well-developed system of co-determination.