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Porsche - Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report

Porsche is publishing a sustainability report for the first time in its history. This report showcases the comprehensive commitment of the company to people, the environment, and the community. The achievements of Porsche in the area of sustainability over many years are being presented for the reporting year 2013.

The areas of action defined at Porsche for sustainable corporate governance cover a wide range of diverse thematic areas. The sustainability report provides information about key activities in the areas of “Business and Customers”, “Product Responsibility”, “Environment and Energy at the sites”, “Employees”, and “Community”.

Porsche and its report comply with the international standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), which has developed a comprehensive framework for sustainability reporting by companies. The Porsche Sustainability Report was certified by the GRI with the level of A+. This evaluation confirms that the report has a high level of transparency and provides an in-depth presentation, as well as an additional certificate by an independent auditor.

Sustainability Report 2013

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Update 2014: Sustainability program and indicators

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If you are interested in receiving a print version of the Porsche Sustainability Report, we gladly make it available to you. Please contact us via the contact form given below.